Our "LT"

Our "LT"

Monday, July 7, 2014


I had a weird exchange yesterday at Walgreens. I was checking out and this guy comes in and stands behind me. He starts to talk and I'm assuming he is talking to the cashier. They exchange pleasantries and then he starts talking about how the weekend is coming to an end and people will have to go back to work. He then follows that by saying "well excluding me, I'm retarded..I mean retired"
I want to turn around and say yes mister, you are. I feel bad because I didn't say anything or have a clever comeback. 
I just don't get why adults think this is not offensive.

If you are thinking to yourself "well, I don't think it is an offensive word. I use it all the time." 
Thats because you don't have a child with Down Syndrome that has been called Retard, retarded etc. I am not easily offended. I just think that if you know I have a child with a mental disability and you continue to see nothing wrong maybe we have nothing in common. Take a moment and look at posts where they make fun of people with Down Syndrome. 
The point is if I say nothing it is taken as consent of that word or behavior. We don't say shut up in this family and we also don't use the 'N' word, and many other words that evoke pain in others. 

The man shopping had no idea that I had a child with DS so I quietly paid and moved on. He didn't mean to offend me. I was a little taken back. I don't understand adults using the word. 

That's just me and you are entitled to your opinions.

The Captains Wife

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