Our "LT"

Our "LT"

Friday, February 3, 2012


I can proudly report today was a much better day. I was rushing around trying to get my house clean preparing for the Captains arrival back home. He was on a business trip and I took it upon myself to get this house in top shape before he got home. My main goal was to get the clothes off the table. It didn't happen. However, the house looks and smells amazing. I felt a little pride in not sitting on my ass all day while he was gone. Anyone who knows me understands the laundry thing. I despise laundry. I would rather clean a toilet than do laundry. It's a never ending cycle and with three princesses there is never an end in sight. It reminds me of my life at times.

I have been receiving a lot of phone calls lately from people The Captain served with and/or people we lived next to and have met along our way over the last 15 years. Each of them asking for help with PTSD. I have so many feelings and thoughts about this but I just wanted to say how grateful I am that these people trust me and came to me for support. I have been down this road and I do know what you are feeling. When I say I am here for you I mean it. If you are reading this and you need me I am here. I don't know everything but I sure can find out.

Today I talked to someone I have known a very long time but have not talked to in years. She said something that really hit close to home. People say to my husband "Well, you look just fine what is wrong with you?"
Her husband is a Marine and lived just a few houses down from us many years ago. I am going to keep this all very vague for her privacy however she saved me a time or two..a cup of sugar...an egg when I needed one..going for a walk with me...and oh,teaching my mom to unlock the garage door when princess number 1 was a baby in her highchair on the other side of the door...you know all those neighbor things. It was really good to hear her voice.
It is really painful to hear that phrase. Living with someone who is dealing with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, although invisible, is incredibly difficult. Families are being torn apart and many of us are fighting to be strong and stay the course to be happy in this new normal life.

If you are an injured veteran with PTSD or TBI and have been told this I am really sorry. I know it is hurtful. I have been standing right next to my husband when someone asked him that question in a sarcastic manner.
Please reach out for help. There are so many people waiting to help you and your family out.

Ok, I have more laundry.
Only Always,
The Captains Wife