Our "LT"

Our "LT"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ok, I am still here...

I haven't written in a while because things have been crazy in the house these days. The Captain is doing ok. I received a call from his VA Case worker and he is missing his appointments so it looks like I am going to have to help him remember these and make sure he attends them. As I type he is waiting for a MRI of his leg. He has one more test and then we can meet back up with this new doctor and get his opinion of what to do with The Captains leg. I wish it would hurry up because I am anxious to get in there.

I found out today that princess #2 will more than likely qualify for special education services at school. She can't read or do math. They didn't tell us this in Texas so it is good we came here and they caught it. I found myself thinking about how I had failed her. She was born 1 day short of a month to the day The Captain was wounded and she was premature. She was hospitalized 10 days and then she was hanging out with me for the 1st 8 weeks of her life at the hospital while I cared for her and The Captain. Her childhood is a complete blur to me. I feel sad that I didn't have more time to be there for her. She has a few things going on with her. I am just so thankful we found them now so we can find the solutions.

I am pushing really hard to get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy covered for our veterans with PTSD and TBI. The Captain really needs this and we can't pay for it out of pocket much less find a doctor who will do it. I am also going to meet with Operation Home Front to see if there is some way I can help out with their organization. Wish me luck.