Our "LT"

Our "LT"

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Day 8
As you can imagine our house is very busy with three girls. Chris and I have worked from the beginning to treat them as equals. As my younger daughters grow they have started to understand and see the differences with Lauren.
Lauren is a very typical teenage girl in many ways. Last night at the table she was being very sassy and saying some things that were rude. Faith and Sarah were hurt but it turned into me witnessing the love and understanding of our situation. Faith began to speak to her by saying that we are "Team Ayres" and she was in that team. Sarah told her that she was not to say anything else unless it was nice because that is how it should be. My girls are all kind, compassionate and loving and last night I was so proud of each of them. In the end Lauren decided to remain in "Team Ayres" and life was once again great, that is until this morning. But hey a mom can celebrate the small milestones in life, Right? Ha!
Faith shared this with me this morning. She wrote it and read it to Lauren.
Lauren is sweet and she is special to us. She is always there for our family and she is always brave and smart. She loves to love on people and she loves friends to hang out with. She loves to have fun with us a lot and that is why we love her to the moon and back. She sometimes thinks of things that she doesn't mean but we still love her.
Love Faith
Love, indeed does not count chromosomes. Lauren is just their sister and we are all Team Ayres.
Until tomorrow....be blessed.

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